Skyrocketing Development Of Your Microservices With Micronaut

Zaal 8

11:40 - 12:30


Micronaut is a complete framework for writing microservices and serverless functions using Java, Groovy and Kotlin with a focus on minimal resource usage and very fast startup times. In this session we will learn about the many features of Micronaut with a lot of code examples. We will see how to write a microservice in Java using Micronaut and use the excellent test support in Micronaut. Micronaut also supports a lot of cloud native features like services discovery, distributed tracing and load balancing and we will learn how to use the provided cloud features in our microservice. At the end of the session we have learned about the many features of Micronaut and we should be able to write reactive, fast and low memory usage microservices with Micronaut.