Real world microservices: Starting-up from scratch!

Zaal 4

10:35 - 11:25

New & Cool

In 2016, Yolt started on a journey to build a money management platform driven by PSD2 and Open Banking. Flash forward almost three years, and Yolt has grown to 500.000 users in the UK and has recently launched in Italy and France.

In this talk we’ll share how Yolt evolved from a few Spring Boot microservices using Kubernetes, Kafka and Cassandra, to an environment with a streaming data pipeline with more than 60 services. This talk will deep dive into the challenges that we faced in building a distributed system, the lessons we learned, and how we’ve used innovative new technology to solve real life problems. If you are going to start a microservices project from scratch or preparing to break down your monolith make sure you join this talk.