Quickies (3 sessions)

Zaal 6

15:45 - 16:35

Java language

New & Cool

Share your rocket-science-grade problems with hyper advanced Lightboard Technology

By Tim Prijn & Egbert Pot

At the Rabobank we apply several forms of knowledge sharing. Besides, presentations, workshops, BrainBits, we now apply Lightboard Technology. This session will introduce and demo this form of knowledge sharing. At the end the attendees will know about the benefits, our learnings and of course how to create a board (with their team) themselves and how to tape these awesome movies.


Rabo Online Banking –  How Technology is changing an entire industry

By Joost Lobbes

Banks have transferred into Tech companies that are facing a new era, in which their business models will be completely changed by the opportunities that technology is now giving them. Instead of competing with each other, new competition is coming from FinTechs and BigTechs. Innovative products and customer experience are key in order to survive.

In order to face these new challenges cool new technology is used by Rabobank to create the best possible customer experience. Joost Lobbes will take you through some of these new developments in an inspiring story about the transformation of online banking and will share some of his personal views.

Real team performance @ the Rabobank

By Wouter Oet

Bringing business value to production can be hindered by many factors. From bad tooling & bad deployment environments to slow development cycles. In this talk I’ll show you the 3 factors you need to get right to have real team performance and bring business value fast. This is all based on our own experience at the Rabobank.