Quickies (3 sessions)

Zaal 4

16:50 - 17:40

Methodology & culture

New & Cool

Craftsmanship unraveled

By Bram Starmans-van den Hout

Why does the word craftsmanship seems to me like the magic answer to almost all software-related non-technical challenges? Let’s dive into concepts like professionality, loyalty and responsibility. Where does one end and the other begin? What makes a professional Java-developer?

Create your own Digital Adventure Room

By Erik Mulder

Coding just ‘virtual’ software can get boring, it just lives ‘inside the machine’. You start wondering how to let your code act on the real world (especially when your kids ask what the heck you are actually doing for a living). A smart home is nice for sure, but let’s think bigger and cooler: a digital adventure (escape) room for kids!

In this talk I will show you how I created a castle themed play room full of IoT and code that brings both me and my kids a lot of joy! I will go into the decoration of the room, the video and audio setup and how to combine it all into a scriptable interactive adventure. Come join me for fun and inspiration!

Keeping your head cool with serverless voice controlled fan

By Paco van Beckhoven

Do you also wake up sweating during those hot summer nights, but you are too lazy to get out of bed to turn a fan on? Using serverless with Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Assistant, a Raspberry Pi and a bit of wiring I turned my old fan in a state of the art fan with voice control and automatic temperature regulation. Now I enjoy the luxury of no longer having to get up to turn it on/off when it’s too hot, cold or noisy. In this talk I will show you how easy it is to give your fan a second life while you are living a more luxurious life.