Play an acoustic guitar with a Raspberry Pi

Zaal 7

16:50 - 17:40

New & Cool

Although I’m a complete noob at playing the guitar. But not so with building stuff and building software, so why not having a Raspberry Pi play it? The first prototype was put together in less than a week, and was able to play a few songs a lot better than I ever will. There is a lot of stuff that you need to take in consideration, from materials used to keeping the rhythm of the music, reading music, controlling hardware etc.

In this talk I will go through the lessons that I’ve learned while building the apparatus both with hard and software, but will mainly go into the Java software. That was build with Dropwizard to control the frond-end. Of course Pi4J was used to control the hardware.

Maybe you will be inspired to automate your own instrument… of course there will be a live demo at the end! And the audience can pick a song*.