Kotlin workshop: How to write a microservice in Kotlin only

Hands-on Labs 2

10:35 - 11:25

Alternative JVM languages

Kotlin is the new JVM language where all the best practices of programming come together. It has been designed by developers for developers. Without any help of any extra libraries such as Lombok, Guava and even more, Kotlin will challenge you to write compact code. With less boilerplate, Kotlin will also help you to write readable and maintainable code. Kotlin finally enables you to focus on the business features you want to implement instead of working on the language itself. Kotlin is always mentioned in the context of Android applications, but it can be very suitable for microservices as well. In this workshop, you will build a simple webservice in Kotlin and hopefully see how easy it can be to write new business functionality. No Hello, World app guaranteed! You will be developing a true microservice with real business rules. The workshop offers you to jump in at different levels: from totally new to Kotlin to the more experienced ones. The covered topics are (data) classes, collections and types (type alias), inheritance, interfaces and extension functions, coroutines and Kotlin’s interoperability with Spring.