Keynote 1: Cloud Foundry at Rabobank after 10 months of real use

Zaal 9

09:20 - 09:45


Since January 1st this year Rabobank has put Pivotal Cloud Foundry in place as the to-be replacement of Rabobank’s Online Platform. Additionally, it’s positioned as “the” microservices platform within Rabobank as a whole. In the public cloud, by the way.

Why did we select Cloud Foundry? What does this mean for developers? How are we migrating its Online Platform architecture from “traditional WebSphere” to PCF? What did we learn after having PCF in production for almost a year now? What went well? What didn’t?

I’d like to tell you about Rabobank’s experiences with Cloud Foundry and building microservices thus far, both good and bad.