Impromptu Orchestra

Zaal 8

16:50 - 17:40

New & Cool

In recent years there have been some large developments in web technology. The introduction of HTTP/2 in 2015 has given new life to Server Sent Events as Reactive Streams.

To explore these technologies with you, I have made an application that turns the audience into an orchestra using Reactive Streams.

In the talk we will look at how and why HTTP/2 came to be. I will show you what you need to do to make use of HTTP/2.

I will give you practical guidelines to help you choose between Reactive Streams and Websockets.

I will explain the core concepts behind Reactive Streams. When we have the concepts down I will show you how to use Reactive Streams with the Java 9 API’s and Spring Reactor.

Finally we will see just how “Reactive” Reactive Streams truly are in a live demo. Bring your cellphones so you can participate in the Impromptu Orchestra!

My talk will have been a success when at the end of my talk:

You understand why we have HTTP/2, what the main features are and how we can use them in practice.
You have gained a better understanding of what Reactive Streams are, when to use them and how they work.
You have experienced the real-timeness of Reactive Streams in a live situation