Getting into the Flow: building applications with Reactive Streams

Zaal 5

08:00 - 08:50

New & Cool

Reactive stream programming is quickly gaining popularity. Supported by frameworks like Akka Streams, Reactor and ReactiveX it allows you to build applications that ensure a good performance while handling large volumes of requests and data. This session will help you to hit the ground running when adopting this new and exciting technology. Reactive streams programming requires you to think differently about your software and the way data flows through it, which is actually not that difficult when you know where to start and this is exactly what this session will provide. In this session I will introduce you to three of the most popular frameworks for handling reactive stream programming: Akka Streams, ReactiveX and Reactor. I will demonstrate how they can be used in applications, how you can combine them using the reactive streams and Java 9 Flow API’s and how the code using these frameworks can be tested. After this session you understand concepts like non blocking and back pressure, how the reactive frameworks support them and have seen them in action.