Flat HTTP API Design

Zaal 7

10:35 - 11:25

Methodology & culture

The way we write API docs is highly structured, natural to programmers, and wrong. HTTP API documentation typically looks nothing like the requests and responses it describes. This creates extra work for the reader to understand the documentation structure, and figure out how to translate that to code. It also makes it harder to spot bad API design. Instead, you need more readable documentation that doesn’t waste your time.

This presentation introduces Flat HTTP API Documentation (FHAD) – a better way to document your HTTP API. FHAD leverages HTTP’s own structure together with some layout and typography to document by example, in as much detail as you like. Attendees will learn to see API documentation in a new way, which they can use immediately to write more effective documentation with less effort. You’ll also get a REST API design checklist that you can use to either document or avoid design mistakes.