Coin Mining Tycoon: Blockchain Gamification Hackathon

Hands-on Labs 1

14:35 - 17:40

New & Cool

Will you be the next JFall Coin Mining Tycoon? Still remember the blockchain from yesteryear? If not, come revamp your knowledge using our G9 Coin Mining Tycoon! The game we created uses blockchain technology and pushes modern day hardware to its limits (we use Raspberry Pi Zero machines!). When you enter our gaming arena, your job as a startup is to start mining some coins! This is achieved by mining blocks and creating the longest blockchain. Only coins that are part of the longest chain count and whoever has the most coins wins. It’s that simple. Of course there are several challenges allong the way. Competing tycoons may try to create their own longest chain, or use more efficient mining algorithms. Tycoons may cooperate and mine blocks together, effectively creating their own joint venture mining business. Strategy is involved too, even further complicating things. Tycoons may buy information from the all knowing Oracle, or they can try to commit fraud en cheat their way to the top. If fraud is detected, however, a penalty will be imposed! During the event, all progress will be displayed and available to anyone Already curious about this fascinating event? Come and join us, the winner takes all (great prizes are at stake) and who knows, all your blockchain knowlegde may be put to the test!