Axon Framework : A CQRS Approach to Microservices

Zaal 5

10:35 - 11:25


As Microservices has become the boom, a lot of frameworks and approaches are claiming to be the best. The CQRS pattern has also been rejuvenated with this trend. If you want to use CQRS, Axon framework can be very helpful to build a scalable application by addressing core concerns in the architecture itself. But remember that not all applications can be benefited by CQRS or by Axon or even by Microservices.

So, let’s deep dive into these concepts and understand whether CQRS or Axon is a perfect fit for your application. On top of it, let us see how we can use Axon framework with Spring Boot to build micro services. If you are a backender with little knowledge about Spring Boot, you will enjoy the session and the framework.