All The Way To 11: The Future of Java

Zaal 9

14:35 - 15:25

Java language

Java is the most popular development platform on the planet, with literally millions of developers and users and over twenty years of development.

In this presentation, we’ll start with a discussion about where Java is today. The current release is JDK 11. Moving applications from JDK 8 to a later release requires careful attention to the impact of the Java Platform Module System, which we’ll briefly discuss.

The way Java is delivered is changing in the next six months; from JDK 11 public updates will only be available for free for six months, until the next release of the JDK. What this means and how it impacts users will be discussed in detail.

From there, we’ll look at the technical future of the Java language and platform with projects like Valhalla, Loom and Metropolis.